Authors: Clare Stokolosa and Suretta Wooten, IS 119 Queens

Lesson Preview This lesson will encourage teachers to compare the works of various artists to the style and technique of Rembrandt.

Standards: New York State Learning Standards for the Arts

Grades: Upper Elementary and Intermediate Schools Levels

Subjects: Art,, Language Arts

Materials: Art reproductions, pencil, paper


1. Display several reproductions of various artists. Have students
select the Rembrandts. Discuss the clues they used to pick out the
Rembrandt. Have them refer to color, style, and composition.
Compare and contrast with the work of other artists. Have students
compare Rembrandt’s use of color with portraits from other
 2. Distribute reproductions of Rembrandt’s works. Have student select
one reproduction.Ask students to copy it using pencil and paper, or
color it trying to match the colors used by Rembrandt.
 3. Ask students to reproduce another work by Rembrandt using another
artistic style. Supply reproductions of a variety of art and artists.


Ask students to research Rembrandt using the Internet,, Library, and class resources.

Using this research, write Rembrandt’s résumé. (Teacher should provide a résumé template.)

Create questions and answers for a flip shoot, a mechanism that flips a card when card is
inserted with a question facing up so that the card exits with the face down.


Display all student work with commentary.

Discuss the work with the class.

Ask: Did the student copy the style of a particular artist during thesecond half of the project or did he/she mixand match styles used byvarious artists.Ask students to write about the process of recreating works of art.


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