Authors: Lydia Krawec and Deirdre O’Riordan, IS 125 Queens


Lesson Preview In this lesson, the students will write poetry in response o Rembrandt’s landscapes and portraits.


New York State Learning Standards for the Art

Responding to and analyzing works of art

New York City Language Arts Performance Standards

E2b- Response to literature

E5b- Produce work in al least one genre that follows the convention of the genre

Grades Upper Elementary and Intermediate Schools Level

Subjects Language Arts, Literature, Technology, Art

Materials art reproductions, index cards, drawing materials,




1. Elicit from students the differences between landscape and portrait paintings. Then, review different genres of poetry. Also review elements of poetry such as simile, metaphor, personification, and alliteration with the class.

2. Explain to students that they will be composing poems based upon their reaction to Rembrandt’s landscapes and portraits. Their poems may be in response to one of the following:

Setting- what do you see?
Mood- how do you feel when you view the artwork
Subject’s point of view- 1st person (personal narrative) or 3rd person (narrative account)

3. Distribute various works of art by Rembrandt to students. Students may choose one or more of Rembrandt’s paintings to write a response poem about.

4. After students write one or more poems, they will draw an llustration on a postcard size index card. The illustration should be their interpretation of the painting. Students may use charcoal pencils, colored pencils, craypas, or any other medium for the artwork.

5. Students will word process poems on the computer. They may choose the font and style for the poem.


When all work is completed, compile a book that includes finished products for publication.

Encourage students to write poems in the journals so they can record their responses to Rembrandt’s artwork. An illustration in the style of Rembrandt can complement there poems.


Have students demonstrate the use of the writing process steps to produce at least one poem.

Determine of the student used a minimum of one element of poetry in the poem.

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