The Rembrandt Teaching Project

Lesson Plans


This compendium of classroom lessons based upon the works of Rembrandt is the next stage in The Rembrandt Project. From its inception, The Rembrandt Teaching Project has attempted to familiarize teachers with the works of the artist and encourage them to use these works in their day-to-day teaching. The lessons all have Rembrandt at their center. How they use his art, his life, and his times to create an intriguing and diverse blend of instructional activities will be evident to anyone who reads and implements them.

The lessons were created by extraordinary teachers in School District 24. These teachers from the district’s elementary and intermediate schools formed the initial group of The Rembrandt Teaching Project and have seen the project progress from the opening "Teaching Weekend" at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Frick Collection to its eventual growth and development in each of their schools. Their commitment to Rembrandt has been strong and their vision of how to make twenty-first century students care about seventeenth-century art, remarkable. In acquainting students with the legendary artist, they have moved their visual literacy to new levels making them see the artist and his art in the most modern of ways.

 It is the aim of this compilation to help all teachers become better acquainted with Rembrandt and use his art creatively. These plans contain many interdisciplinary instructional suggestions easily accomplished in the context of any elementary or intermediate school classroom. Any teacher interested in exposing his or her students to Rembrandt will find ample opportunity to do so by using this compendium

Appreciation is extended to the many people who continue to make The Rembrandt Teaching Project a success. High on this list are the museum educators at the Metropolitan Museum of Art and The Frick Collection as well as many people throughout District 24. Hopefully they have all helped to create a new generation of students excited, awed, and inspired by Rembrandt.

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