A project with the scope, scale and objectives of The Rembrandt Project required a combination of many educational and artistic forces. Firstly, gratitude is expressed to the National Endowment for the Arts and the Getty Foundation for funding the research of Dr. Joseph Piro in New York and the Netherlands. Thanks is also expressed to the Council for Basic Education for their administrative help.

Appreciation is expressed to the teachers Mark Conn, Georgy Gelalles, Roseann Napolitano and supervisor, Helen Paladino who composed the Teaching Guide Lesson Plans. The match between Rembrandt, a virtuoso artist, and these four virtuoso educators was, indeed, most fortuitous and productive.

Frank LoCicero is the multi-talented computer teacher who transformed what was originally a paper based project into this web site.

School District 24 and its Superintendent Joseph F. Quinn were most supportive of the endeavor and its implementation throughout the district as was Dr. Ronald Michaels, Director of the Office of Funded Programs. The principals of the schools in which the teacher-authors of the guide and web site were located were most flexible in allowing them to partake in all facets of the Rembrandt Project and thanks is given to them. They are Robert Famularo, I. S. 77, Dr. Barbara Miles, P. S. 19, Harvey Sherer, P. S. 102 and Mathew Zagami, P. S. 14, Phyllis LaPerchia & Daniel J. Purus, I. S. 61.

Next, appreciation goes to the museum educators who were generous with their time and talent and who provided a solid and informed art historical underpinning to the project. These include Susan Galassi and Margaret Meyers at The Frick Collection, Cara Denison and Stephanie Wild at The Morgan Library, Nancy Blume at The Asia Society, Dina Helal at The Whitney Museum of American Art, Sharon Vatsky at The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and and the library staff at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. For their help in staff development, we thank Roxanne Collins and Joannah Livingston at the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

Finally, the resources provided by Project Arts, an initiative to promote arts education in New York, were important to the staff development component of The Rembrandt Project. Project Arts, begun under Chancellor Rudolph Crew and his Special Assistant for the Arts, Dr. Sharon Dunn, has enhanced the delivery of arts education to students in New York and set the tone for using the arts as a viable and valuable system for curriculum and instruction.

It is hoped that through the collective forces of all of these individuals, a coherent and useful teaching guide has resulted, one that not only presents the oeuvre of one of the greatest artists who ever lived but one which celebrates the artist and his art as well.


The Rembrandt Teaching Project Participants

The First Cohort

Tom Byron, I. S. 125 Queens

Mark Conn, P. S. 102 Queens

Phyllis Dalton, P. S. 89 Queens

Lora DeLorenzo, I. S. 125 Queens

Rick Domingo, I. S. 93 Queens

Betty Giuca, I. S. 125 Queens

Millie Gottleib, P. S. 153 Queens

Kathy Izzo, 51st Avenue Annex

Louise Jonatowski, P. S. 91 Queens

Ruth Kessman, P. S. 12 Queens

Lydia Krawec, I. S. 125 Queens

Annie Lavelle, P. S. 229 Queens

Lillian Licitra, P. S. 49 Queens

Trina Melloy, P. S. 89 Queens

Joanell Meringolo, I. S. 125 Queens

Roseann Napolitano, P. S. 19 Queens

Deirdre O'Riordan, I. S. 125 Queens

Christine Pilling, P. S. 91 Queens

Janeen Ryan, I. S. 125 Queens

Barbara Stavola, P. S. 153 Queens

Shirley Stergiou, I. S. 125 Queens

Clare Stokolosa, I. S. 119 Queens

Krista Theesfeld, I. S. 125 Queens

Carol Tosiello, I. S. 125 Queens

Stephanie Wallit, P. S. 12 Queens

Virginia Wasniewski, P. S. 12 Queens

Suretta Wooten, I. S. 119 Queens


The Second Cohort

Andrea Bernardo, I. S. 125

Elizabeth Briceno, P. S. 14

Concetta Caruso, I. S. 125

Joyce Cutrone, I. S. 125

Jeannie Emmerman, I. S. 5

Laura Fradella, P. S. 87

Clarisse Frenkel, I. S. 5

Dana Garelick, I. S. 125

Robert Insana, P. S. 49

Kathy Izzo 51st Avenue Annex

Nora Miranda, I. S. 61

Jane Nevis 51st Avenue Annex

Stephanie Occhipinti, I. S. 61

Debbie Pellegrino, P. S. 12

Donna Pucciarelli, P. S. 14

Bridget Sweeny, P. S. 7

Ruth Trotta, P. S. 49

Alyssa Tuman, P. S. 16

Deborah. Urbaez, I. S. 61

Nicole Zorn, P. S. 16